Here are some helpful ideas when preparing for your new tattoo.

Crayons is located at 9103 Marshal Road, suit C in Cranberry Twp. Pa. We are in the lower lot, door is on the left.

While we are privileged to apply a great many memorial and situation related tattoos, art for the sake of art is just as relevant. Sometimes you get a tattoo just because it is awesome!

Choose your idea wisely, obviously getting your significant others name tattooed on you is a pretty risky thing to do, but so are, “tattoos of passion.” Getting a heat of the moment or I need it now or never tattoo, is not often the best idea.

Deciding on your tattoo subject is something that should be completed before you set up your appointment. We are here to help with the best composition and approach to designing your tattoo, but the basic subject matter or style needs to be your decision. If you find yourself unsure or consistently debating your tattoo idea, hold off until you are ready

Do not bring your children to your tattoo appointment! Even well behaved small children have no place in the studio. Your children are awesome, just not while we are trying to work:)